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May 9, 2013

Hello Mississippi Women Bloggers!

Things are busy here, and I am so happy to have y’all join us!  Our little blogging community continues to grow, and we are receiving guest posts, recipes, and great ideas from our Mississippi sistahs.  Thank you so  much for sharing the news and joining in as we grow and encourage each other.  Hopefully, this is the beginning of beautiful friendships.

facebook-vs-google-advertisingIf you have not connected with us, please do so.  First of all, please sign up with us so that other Mississippi bloggers will know where to find you!  This also allows us to feature your posts on our site.  There are other ways to keep up with us.  Be sure to “Like” our Facebook page and share it with your friends.  We will update Facebook with important information, big announcements, blog posts, and more!  Finally, follow us on Twitter!  We will also follow you.  And if we see you tweet about a great blog post you’ve written, we may retweet you if it will encourage or help some of our Mississippi blogging friends.v65oai7fxn47qv9nectx  If you want to help us grow, blog about us!  Give others a link to our site, and list our blog on your sidebar so you will know when we update.

Now that we have gotten our feet wet and introduced the site to y’all, let me give you a heads up of what you can expect and how you can join in.  Each week, we will stick to a loose schedule.  There may be times we venture off the predicted path, and that’s okay.  In general, you can expect to see…

Sunday – On Sundays, we will host our Sunday Dose of Hospitality!  This is a time for us all to link our favorite blog post from the week.  This creates a wonderful avenue for other Mississippi bloggers to find out more about you each week.  Which blog post will you share if you could only share one?  Makes you reflect on your blogging, doesn’t it?  See?  I love where this is headed!  Creating a community, bettering our blogs, and encouraging other local women!  I just get goosebumps thinking about it.

Monday – On Mondays, we will feature our Blogger of the Month.  We will start our Blogger of the Month series in June.  If you are chosen and accept the invitation of Blogger of the Month, we will feature YOU for the entire month.  We ask that you submit one post a week.  We encourage your first post to tell us about yourself and your blog.  Your subsequent posts can be on our monthly theme…or on a topic of your choosing.  This could be a time for you share your passion with others.  Make a difference.  Encourage us.  Or share your struggles with us.  Perhaps you can just give us a good laugh!

Tuesday – We would love for Tuesdays to be all about technology.  We’ll call it Tech Tuesday.  This is a time we can share something fun or new to add to your repertoire of all things online.  Use this opportunity to better your blog or even better understand some of the basics.  If you have things you want to learn more about, shoot us an email!  We want to answer those questions as best we can.

Wednesday – Wordless Wednesday.  Wordless Wednesdays will be a time for us to share photos of our favorite Mississippi spots.  We need  your help with this!  Send us pictures of your favorite spots to eat, shop, visit, or play around Mississippi.  Maybe you can just send an Instagram picture of what you saw that day around the state.  We aren’t picky!  Share a piece of your life with us…one picture at a time.  Email pictures to us at with “Wordless Wednesday” in the subject.  Make sure you tell us where the picture was taken.

Thursday – We would love to feature guest bloggers on Thursdays with posts around our theme.  This could be YOU!  Send one or ten.  If we don’t use your post immediately, we will probably use it soon!  As long as it is appropriate and engages Mississippi women, we can pretty much guarantee that we will post it.  Check out our guidelines here before you submit posts.  Email guest posts to with “Guest Blog Post” in the subject.

Friday – Foodie Friday!  Most of us do our meal planning and grocery shopping over the weekend.  We hope that our Foodie Friday recipes and ideas will help you add a little something extra to your list!  If you have a great recipe to share, please shoot that to us at with “Foodie Friday” in the subject.  Let’s share our secret family recipes, girls!

Well, we’ve gathered.  We’re growing.  Now, it’s time to CONNECT!  Connect with us and share!


Megan {‘Tis So Sweet}

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