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June 29, 2013

Hi Mississippi Gals!

Happy Summer! We are excited to have such a great community of MS bloggers all in one place! We want to keep the momentum rolling with our Foodie Friday posts- and we think it would be easier if we have themes for each month. So- here’s what we’ve got for ‘ya.

July – Summer Food
This could be ANYTHING that you enjoy cooking, grilling, baking and whipping up during the summer months. If you made something great during 4th of July week and want to share it with us……..send it our way! We would love to share it!

August- Back to School Food
We would like to focus on quick dinners that you make now that school is back in session or something neat that you make to put in your kiddo’s lunch box. Do you make your own granola for kids? Do you make a big batch of oatmeal in the crockpot for the week? Do you make an afternoon snack for the 1st week back to school? We would love to read about your quick meals as you get back in the swing of a school schedule.

September- Football Fun
Praise the Lord…’s football season! We’ve waited all year for this month! Here in Mississippi you are either cheering for the Bulldogs or yelling Hotty Toddy. (Or perhaps Southern or Delta State has your allegiance.) Whichever team you are ‘rootin for on the weekends, we wanna know what you are serving at your tailgates. Give us your best dips, pick-up foods, easy desserts, etc. We will even allow the hash tags at the end of your posts to be #hailstate or #hottytoddy

October- Soup Month
Who doesn’t like a good hearty soup in while the leaves are changing and the air is getting cooler?? Give us your best soup recipe! These recipes can be for the crockpot or stovetop….it doesn’t matter to us!

November- Thanksgiving
Is there a dish that you MUST make for Thanksgiving? Is there something that you cook that JUST MAKES Thanksgiving complete? If so- send it on sistas! We wanna read about it! This includes desserts too!

December- Christmas
This month is full of Christmas dinners, parties and appetizers! We all need something new to take to the work Christmas Party! We want to dazzle our family with a new dish at Grandma’s house! We want our kids to be amazed at the great cookies/cake/bark that we lug up to the school for their Christmas party!

Share your secrets ladies! Help a woman out here!
Ladies- if you have recipes that you would like to submit…….do it ahead of time! You don’t have to wait until the week of Thanksgiving to submit a Thanksgiving recipe. We love to pre-schedule posts so we can ‘advertise’ for you! Check out the guest post guidelines HERE……..and email your recipes. Our ‘themes’ are not hard and fast rules. If you have a ‘wildcard’ recipe that is fabulous that you would like to share…….send it on! We will fit it in!

We are so glad to be connected with you! We’ve had some fabulous recipes so far……and we simply want to keep them coming. Spread the word, share this post and pick your recipe to blog about! Your pictures and post don’t have to be fancy- sometimes ‘plain Jane’ is perfect!

Happy Cooking (and blogging)!

Meg {Keeping Up with the Jones’}

Lauren June 29, 2013 at 9:18 pm

Hotty Toddy! Love some tailgate food.

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