Fall Travels, My Guilty Pleasure {Guilty Pleasures}

October 6, 2014

When the air starts to cool and the days get shorter is when my travel itch grows the strongest. Traveling is my guilty pleasure. I love exploring new places. I love the feeling of an airplane landing somewhere foreign. I love discovering new favorites and wandering unknown paths.


Fall is when I white water rafted surrounded by mountains in Colorado. Fall is when I watch the balloons dance past skyscrapers in the Macy’s parade. Fall is when I discovered leaves larger than my head in Vancouver’s Stanley Park. Fall is the season of adventure. It is a great time to travel. Most destinations are somewhere in the magical space between overwhelming heat and excruciating cold. Travel expenses drop into an off season dip and the sites are less crowded.

Despite the rational behind Fall travel, it is my guilty pleasure because it fits the definition of something I simultaneously enjoy and feel guilt or embarrassment about. I can easily feel guilty about spending the money on tickets and hotels. I can feel silly about my childlike enthusiasm for aquariums. And there are time I do. But everyone needs a guilty pleasure. Something they can snuggle into or sip when they have a bad day or need an escape. That rich piece of dark chocolate. The tub overflowing with bubbles. The new pair of gorgeous heels. These are the little ways we spoil ourselves, comfort ourselves, and take care of ourselves.

So this Fall, when the air starts to cool you can find me exploring New Orleans and road tripping to Nashville. It’s going to be great and I’m going to do my best to not feel guilty.

Erin BuhrErin Buhr is an early childhood educator, freelance writer, and mama of twin three year olds. She lives with her family near Jackson, MS where they enjoy playing in the sunshine and traveling to new places. She blogs at Bambini Travel (www.bambinitravel.com).

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