Editorial Calendar {Tech Tuesday}

January 28, 2014


Hello, ladies, Kayla from Mississippi Mrs. here to talk to you about Scheduling and Calendars today.

Blogging is fun, but can sometimes take up a lot of time. That’s something we, as bloggers, are aware of and still want to participate in this wonderful community. However, if you don’t stay on top of things and post somewhat regular, then your following will not increase as you might like to see.

Keeping on track with blogging can be done with scheduling posts ahead of time. This is a favorite of mine because I can write, edit, and schedule posts when I have extra free time on my hands.

Also, I use a planner just for my blogging. That might sound silly, but in all truth I am a dork about school supplies. I like to “see” where I stand with my blog, and helping with this website. For some of you, using an app on your phone might be more your style.

Whichever way you like to operate, keep up with it and try and remain regular. Your followers will thank you for it.

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