Don’t Let Thank You Notes Intimidate You

December 31, 2014

Have you written your Christmas thank you notes yet?  I am an avid thank you note writer and send tons throughout the year.  My mom used to give us Christmasy thank you notes in our stocking and regular ones for our birthdays each year with the expectations that we’d follow up the holiday with personalized notes to our family and friends.  The tradition stuck with me and I’ve been writing thank you notes ever since.  Thanks, Mom!

I have a drawer full of thank you notes and blank note cards ready to send for any occasion.  I always keep stamps on hand so that I can’t use that as an excuse for not sending notes.  Note cards are really affordable and I pick them up throughout the year.  My favorite places to buy them are Michael’s dollar bins, Target, TJ Maxx or Marshalls.  Stamps are $0.49 so that’ll be your biggest cost with sending thank yous.  I always think of it like this: it’ll cost me around $0.70 to send a thank you note, but it’ll bring a smile to the recipient and be a fun surprise in their mailbox.  You really can’t put a price on a smile and warm fuzzies can you??

My best thank you note advice: Don’t let thank you notes intimidate you.
It’s really quite easy if you follow this formula:

1. Greeting
2. Thank the person for the gift they gave you by name – “thank you for the lovely red sweater” vs “thank you for the gift”
3. Tell the person you are writing how you plan to use the gift, where you’ve worn the item or how much you’ll enjoy it in the future – any details that make the gift giver feel appreciated and like you really loved your gift
4. Closing
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I made my list of everyone that I need to send a thank you note to and am ready to get started.  I received the best Christmas present this year – a personalized notepad!!  I’m going to use it for my thank you notes since it will work for every family member and will fold nicely into envelopes.  Personalized gifts always make me smile 🙂

Do you have any thank you note writing tips or tricks for me?  I’d love to hear them.

I have really enjoyed being Miss December and blogging for MSWB this month.
Hope you have a wonderful new year and that 2015 is full of blessings.
🙂 Whitney @ Polka-Dotty Place

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