DIY Curtains {Miss September}

September 9, 2013

A few years ago after my parents moved in their newly built home, my mother came home with the most delectable curtains ever. E.V.E.R. She had custom curtains made for her bedroom……and they INSTANTLY made her room look like a 5-star hotel room.

Ever since then, I have believed in the power of curtains.

Curtains can change a room from a drab bedroom……….to a personal refuge from the rest of the house.

When we moved into our humble abode a year ago, I ordered a set of grey black-out curtains online. While I enjoy them on Saturday mornings, they really don’t POP or look very expensive. Since last September, I have sorta been on the search of some type of fringe to add to my curtains and make them look “custom.” Then one day while perusing the temple of crafts, Hobby Lobby delivered the perfect border for the curtains. It’s was a done and done with a 40% off coupon.

Because we are all adults here and I’m terrible at typing out directions where I am explaining how to sew a straight line on a curtain……’s a photo demonstration:

These were the materials required for this project (minus the sewing machine). Honestly, you could probably hot glue or stitch witch this if you don’t have a machine.

Do you see the blood in this photo? Here’s a PSA from the not-so-wise crafter: don’t pin in the opposite direction. AND! Pin on the side of your material and not the middle….upside down.


Sew a straight line. It’s that simple people. Straight.Line.


Again, PSA from the not so wise……don’t wait for the night before your party to finish curtains at 11pm. Otherwise, you will be taking photos like this one.

This was a cheap and easy project. I literally just double tacked this border on the curtains.


It’s sorta my DIY philosophy to find something that you like 90%, and add 10% of your personal touch to it. I have “accessorized” 3 different sets of curtains in my house. It’s easy and it ensures you get what you want…….and generally at a cheaper cost too!

A few weeks later, I was flipping through the Better Homes and Garden’s magazine…..and squealed!


We have the same curtains!!!

*For the bloggy record, I didn’t copy BHG or Pinterest.. I did my project first.

Happy sewing/gluing/crafting!!


And remember… to the side and not the middle with the needle poking up at you like fool! #rogueseamstressproblems

Here’s a bloggy bonus for you:
How to make a garden flag.

Leighton Harbuck September 9, 2013 at 1:17 pm


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