Directing Generosity

May 29, 2015

Although we’ve discussed over the past weeks that generosity encompasses more than simply giving money to charities, it is true that working with charitable organizations is one (but not the only) way to be generous.

Money is rarely the solution to problems. However, there are many people in organizations doing good works who would be able to do even more if they had access to the funds that they needed.

If you do choose to donate money to organizations and charities, you want to make sure that your money is used responsibly.

You should do a couple of things to make sure that the best use is made of your money.

  1. Make an intentional choice about the organizations and charities that you choose to support. Because no one can support every good cause, make sure that each one you support is something that you care about.
  2. Research to see how the money that you donate is used. Find out how much of the money raised goes to advertising and administration and how much is used on programs and services. According to The Charity Navigator, you should look for about 75% or more to be spent on programs and services.
  3. Check to see the results that have been obtained so far by the organization or charity. Find out if what they say that they do is actually what they do.

If you want to support an organization or charity, but don’t know where to begin looking for one that interests you, some of my favorite organizations in Mississippi (and around the world) are

Mississippi Children’s Museum

Girls Scouts

The Meridian Freedom Project

Stop Hunger Now

Palmer Home for Children

I have worked for, volunteered for, benefited from, or had friends connected in some way to all of the above mentioned organizations. Of course, I encourage you to find out more about them.

What are some of your favorites?


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