Cupcake Wrapper Christmas Trees

December 11, 2014

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I did this simple DIY project in about 20 minutes and thought I’d share it with you just in time for the holidays.  I love the way the garland turned out and it looks so sweet hanging in my kitchen.  It was very inexpensive to make since I already had all the supplies at my house.

You’ll Need:
Christmas colored cupcake wrappers (I found mine in the dollar bins at Michaels)
*You’ll need 3 wrappers per tree – I made 9 trees with three different cupcake wrapper patterns
Glue Stick
scotch tape

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I learned after making my first tree that it was going to be easier to take more of an assembly line approach instead of doing each tree one at a time.  I flattened and folded all the cupcake wrappers in half.  Then I folded the edges.  You’ll want to fold about a fourth of the wrapper over for the bottom tier, a third of the wrapper over for the middle tier and fold the wrapper in half for the top tier.  Put a generous dab of glue stick on the back side to hold the fold in place.  Once they’ve all been folded into shape, start stacking and gluing them together.  I put a generous dab of glue on the point of each wrapper then stacked and let dry.

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When you’ve finished assembling all trees, it’s time to cut your yarn.  I looked at the spot where I wanted it to hang and cut a piece of yarn to fit the space.  I turned the trees over and attached them to the yarn with clear tape.  It is easiest if you start in the middle of the yarn and work your way out to the sides.  I alternated colors of the trees and it worked out great.  Your garland will be ready to hang in no time.

Dec10canon 032

You could easily add a star to the top or a trunk to the base if you wanted to bling out your tree a bit.  I loved the simplicity of the trees and decided the basic tree was perfect for me.  I think kids would love to help with this project.  It’s very simple and the finished product is so festive!!

Any questions??  Hope you enjoy this simple DIY project for the holidays.
Whitney @ Polka-Dotty Place

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