Cookie Swap COMING SOON!

December 7, 2013


Here at MSWB, we LOVE hearing from you!!  We enjoy the “shout outs” on Facebook, Twitter, and emails of some of the great ideas that you come up with!

So… when our fellow blogger friend Leslie Dees gave us a shout out via Twitter about a virtual cookie swap link up party…we said HECK YEAH!

So here’s the details:

Between now and December 20th, when you bake cookies…document it and blog about it on your own blog!  It’s that simple!

Then, on December 20th (our virtual cookie swap date)…simply link up your blog!

Easy. Peasy.

I mean, isn’t the best cookie swap the one that you don’t have to bake and take?!

**If you would like to be a Foodie Friday guest blogger, send us your recipe!  We are already scheduling posts for 2014!

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