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December 18, 2014

I’m excited to share some of my favorite holiday party ideas with you.  I have planned many parties and these six are my very favorite:

  • Christmas scarf exchange: Ask everyone to bring a wrapped scarf, exchange, steal and enjoy!  Everyone goes home with a new scarf.  We did two separate exchanges – one for men and one for women.  Some of the men opted to bring gloves and it was so much fun.
  • Favorite Christmas CD exchange: Everyone brings a their favorite holiday cd to exchange.
  • Hot chocolate mug exchange: Have everyone bring in a cute, wrapped mug and then have the host read aloud some version of the right and left passing poem.  You basically read a story and when the say right or left in the story, everyone passes the mug in their hands to the right or left.  Google the poem and lots of options will come up.  You get to keep them mug that you are left with when the story ends.

Nov23canon 185

  • Holiday Cookbook Exchange:  Ask your guests to bring their favorite wrapped cookbook and do a fun exchange.  Be sure to flag your favorite recipes in the cookbook so the new owner will have an idea of why you love the cookbook so much.


  • Cookie Party:  Ask everyone to bring a couple dozen of their favorite cookies, copies of the recipes and a large empty platter.  Set the cookies out on a table, bring your large platter around taking a few of each cookie and everyone goes home with a big plate of Christmas cookies!  Go around and collect the recipes and then start trying those cookies.

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  • Trading Recipes:  My MOPS group recently did a favorite recipe exchange.  We were all asked to bring some food to share and a copy of our favorite recipe(s).  People shared secret family recipes, soups, cookies and everything in between.  We all went around the room and told why we picked our recipe to share.  Some had great family stories and others were delicious crowd pleasers.

Here are a few options if you are looking for clever ways to organize the gift opening:

-Open in the order of birthdays throughout the year

-Line up tallest to smallest and go in that order to open gifts

-Draw numbers

-Alphabetical order for first names

-If it’s a work party, you could open gifts in order of who has worked there the longest or shortest

-Print out the poem Twas the Night Before Christmas with spaces between every line.  Cut apart the poem giving each person a line.  Read the poem aloud and you get to choose a gift to open when your line of the poem is read.

Hope you can give at least one of them a try at your holiday gatherings!!

🙂 Whitney @ Polka-Dotty Place

Tricia Vaughn December 18, 2014 at 11:40 am

What great ideas! I love the scarf and also the hot chocolate one! I’m saving this for next year for sure!

Renee Young December 18, 2014 at 12:19 pm

loving your holiday ideas and all your posts 😉

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