Choosing the Perfect Tree

December 9, 2014

Are you a real tree family or an artificial tree family or both?  My family has gotten a real Christmas tree for the last several years.  It’s become one of my favorite traditions with my family.  Growing up we always got artificial trees so it took my husband a few years to convince me to join the real tree club.  We have purchased trees in Utah, Arkansas and Mississippi and I think it’s safe to say that our Mississippi tree is the prettiest tree yet!

Dec7iphone 054

Ways to Find the Best Tree on the Lot:
1. Know what size tree your house and car can hold before you go tree shopping.  It’s no fun to have to start chopping on your tree to make it fit.
2. Do a quick google search to see what type of fir trees you prefer.  We tend to go with Fraser Firs.
3. Measure your tree stand to make sure that the trunk of your new tree will fit into it.  If you purchase the tree stand after you buy the tree, measure your tree trunk to ensure that it’ll fit into your stand.  I’m here to say that we’ve had to purchase handsaws to make our trees fit into our stand before because we didn’t even think about the trunk size until too late.
4. Bring CASH to the tree lots because many only take cash.
5. If you are new to the area, call around or ask your neighbors for suggestions on where to buy trees.  I’ve seen several tree lots all around Jackson so I called ahead to get prices.  We try to spend less than $50 on our tress so some lots were automatically out when they told me their price ranges or tree sizes.
6. Ask which trees are the freshest on the lot.
7. Make sure the branches are not brittle and are a strong green color.

Dec7iphone 057
8. Check for any holes or bad spots in the tree.  It’s important to me to have a straight branch on top for the star.
9. Make sure to pull the tree out and look at all of the sides.
10. Give it a good sniff to make sure it has a strong smell.
11. Ask the sellers to slice off the bottom of the tree so that it’ll be really thirsty when you bring it home.  Save the bottom ring of the tree and make a Christmas ornament out of it.  I will write the date on it, put a ribbon through it and compare tree trunk sizes from year to year.
12. Ask for FREE tree scraps to take home with you.  The lots are usually eager to give away their piles of pine boughs so take as much as you can.  I will make wreaths out of them, fill vases with pine boughs and make centerpieces all for FREE.  I felt a little silly at first grabbing handfuls of what they considered scraps, but I realized I was saving big bucks by diving in their scrap pile.  No shame in that!!
13. Ask them to wrap or bag your tree to keep from getting pine needles everywhere.
14. Negotiate your tree price.  The sellers have always been more eager to negotiate if we had cash in hand.

Dec7iphone 246
Do you have any other tips to add?
Let me know if you have any real tree questions!  🙂 Whitney @ Polka-Dotty Place

Renee Young December 9, 2014 at 6:22 pm

i love love love frasier firs. we typically get 6-8′. it’s a family tradition to get our tree on black friday.

we let the tree sit for a day to make sure all the branches have settled. then we decorate it differently each year.

i love your tips. thanks for the great read! 😉

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