Chicken Noodle Soup {Foodie Friday}

October 10, 2014

I love the Fall. I like the crisp air and the windows open with the leaves blowing.

And soup.

I love soup with a salad or a grilled cheese.

Saturday a.m. while doing a mad dash in the Kroger before the MSU game came on (a big Hail State), I wanted soup. But I wanted some GOOD soup.

While staring at the picture on the front of the Wolfgang Puck soup can, I decided to buy ingredients to make my own chicken noodle soup. You can thank me later for this being sooo easy and so good!


(1) pitcher of water

(2) cups of chopped carrots

(2) cups of chopped celery

(1) rotisserie chicken

(1) small bag of thin soup noodles

Salt/ Pepper to taste

When I cook, I rarely think “oh, let me write this down because I should certainly blog about it.” When I cook, I just start throwing stuff in the pot. And that’s what happened here folks.


In a large pot, start boiling the water.

Add in the carrots and celery.

As you are taking the chicken off of the bone, throw the “good chicken” in a bowl and the skin and other pieces that you normally discard, put them in your boiling water.

You, my friends, are now making chicken broth.

Don’t worry, you are simply boiling them for flavor……and I would certainly recommend using larger pieces of the discarded chicken because it’s easier to scoop out once your broth is finished.

Bring this to a rolling boil for maybe 5-7 minutes. Then, discard your large chicken pieces……… add in your “good chicken” and pour in your bag of noodles.

Again- because I wasn’t thinking, “oh, let me do a blog post about soup,” I didn’t take a photo of the delightful noodles that I used. They are thin Japanese noodles in the soup aisle of Kroger. They remind me of the thin noodles in the Lipton Soup envelopes.

I made a large pot of soup. We ate half on Tuesday night with the most delightful grilled cheese and I froze the other half.

chicken noodle soup

Happy Friday everyone! And save this recipe for when we have another cool snap in Mississippi!

And Go Dawgs!


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