Change Your Story to Change Your Life

January 26, 2015

Happy #MotivationalMonday- It is our last Monday together here on this platform. I want to thank you for the opportunity to come into your homes and workspace through the computer over the last few weeks. I don’t know about you, but I’ve learned many valuable nuggets just preparing these posts for you, I hope you feel the same from reading them. Today, I want to tap into the story teller in us all. You may not believe you are a “story teller” in your limited definition, but I guarantee you are a prolific story teller and don’t even know it.

My dad introduced me to storytelling. He takes pride telling me an anecdote from his childhood. But, he’s not the only one with wild ideas of how the past, present or future unfolds. Around every corner is a story to be told. Each person can recount their life’s events, whether intriguing or not, it’s their story to tell. But, your autobiography is a narrative that cannot be changed. Let’s talk about the story you retell daily that nobody else hear, the memoir of your mind.

Hands down, one of the healthiest things you can do is become aware of how you are talking to yourself. It’s simple; just think about what you are thinking about.  Once you start listening to the constant chatter, it doesn’t take long to become aware that it is a broken record playing the same sad story over and over, day after day. You start to pick up on that and you attend a similar pity party pretty much daily. Why is this so?

Our conversation with ourselves comes from our interpretation of our life. No one lives by the facts of life. We live according to the story we tell ourselves about the facts of our life. Fact: You work full time, have children, and over commit your spare time. Story: Life is chaos and finding time for physical activity is a joke. Fact: Money is tight and there are bills to be paid. Story: Eating healthy is out of my budget. Fact: You have tried every fad diet, quick fix, and magic pill and never been successful. Story: I am a failure with food so why bother trying. Fact: You’ve never really tried addressing any of these mental obstacles before.

The good news is your conversation with yourself can change – today! The facts of your life may not change overnight, but your perception certainly can.  Now that you are aware of your inner monologue, jot down the negative storylines that reappear. Be courageous and boldly honest with yourself. Purge all the story lines and characters you have created yourself to be, once and for all.

Ready to see how these crazy strategies come together!?! Now take out that vision board and list of boosting beliefs you have been working on. Good, you’re armed and ready to sit down and rewrite your life’s story, starting on paper. Look at the vision board and the beliefs and begin to imagine, dream, and create a story line around them both.

Are you a rock climber who’s learning to cook your favorite foods in a more healthful way? Or, a mom dedicated to limiting the sugar, fast foods, and fried foods for her family by replacing those with wholesome options. Maybe you’re a future marathoner with medals around your neck, strong legs attached to your feet, and an appreciation you have earn those splurge meals with your workouts. Possibly you finally see yourself standing in the mirror, with a smile on face, and peace in your heart, because you finally appreciate and accept your imperfections and know you are doing your best, daily.

If you learn nothing else from me over this journey- hear me loud and clear – Your thoughts create the world you see. Instead of using your words to describe your current unhealthy situation day in and day out, use them to change your situation. At the dawn of each new day, read and affirm your new story. Change your story, change your life. I dare you.

Renee Young January 26, 2015 at 10:39 am

“Your thoughts create the world you see”

I love this! Thanks so much for sharing this month with us! 😉

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