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August 20, 2013

Hi Ladies! Happy Tuesday!

I’m Meg from Keeping Up with the Jones’.

Listen. I’m all about simplicity and streamlining the process. I am normally on top of social calendar when it comes to mailing out my birthday cards, anniversary cards, etc. However, this year I have dropped the ball. Actually, I never really picked it up. Life happened……and I became busy…and blah.blah.blah. I just don’t have time to go to Target and shop for birthday cards once a month. And truth be told, that simple $3 purchase turns into a buggy full of items and next thing you know……BOOM! I’ve just spent $57.23 for a binder, candle, summer scarf and make-up. The OCD person in me says to buy cards in bulk. However, the tech person in me says to just download the cards app from Apple.


This cool app allows you to design, upload, print and mail your greeting card all from your phone for $2.99 per card. And, it’s linked to your Apple account, so you are simply “billed” for it.

Pretty cool, right ?!

I may or may not have ordered my dear sweet mom’s birthday card at a red light. This was my test card and I was quickly ordering it, otherwise I would have used some family beach photos or uploaded pics from my “big” camera. Either way, you get my drift.




Did I mention the postage is included too? I will now send all of my birthday cards this way. Oh- and they include more than just birthday cards……..

So……. go look at your planner and see who you can design, print and mail a card for while you wait on your Starbucks in the drive-through.

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