Boost Your Health with New Beliefs

January 12, 2015

Welcome back for another “Motivational Monday” assignment.  I hope you took the time and relished in creating a vision board for balanced and healthy living. Remember, the Universe will only rise up to meet you at your level of expectation.  Cultivating a visual representation of what you want to achieve is an oober (really) powerful tool for setting the Law of Attraction into motion. I would be honored if you decided to share a photo of your vision board in the comments or on social media.  Together, we can create a vision for a healthier Mississippi!

Note: Vision boards are never fully completed and are always evolving with new ideas and revisions.

Onward we go to this week’s motivational assignment which will challenge you to evaluate your deep-rooted, ever present, subconscious belief system.  We all have a set of core principals that shape and determine every decision we have ever made and will make- ever.  What and how we believe consequently has a huge impact on what we do and whether we succeed.

The slip-up comes from the idea that your beliefs are concrete facts like gravity, taxes, or death.  It is just not true, and the potential for change becomes exponential for anyone willing to stand toe-to-toe with their beliefs and challenge them head-on.

Life Lesson: The only beliefs you should ever challenge are your own.

What are beliefs? The simple answer is a belief is an assumed truth. A wider definition is that beliefs are our interpretations of the truth based on examination of evidence.  Every belief could be represented as a tabletop. For a tabletop to stand firm it needs legs, which represents the personal and compelling evidence your unique individual life has provided you.

earth is round

Don’t worry; I am not insulting your intelligence by asking you to doubt the belief that the Earth is round. It is just an example to show you how the world has created a belief based on evidence given to us by others.  You can’t prove it, personally. Meaning, I bet you haven’t gone to space and seen a round Earth with your own peepers.  I’m just trying to challenge your thinking. Is it working?

i cant swim

Are you starting to understand what it takes to form a highly individualized and personal belief? And how our mind develops our definitions of what is to be true. This is part of the reason why people from different countries, races, religions, political parties, and even those with dissimilar dietary lifestyles, have major difficulties understanding one another.

The trick is to be open to the idea that just because in your limited experience it has always been true, doesn’t necessarily mean that it will continue to be true.  Today, let’s move beyond belief and toy with the inkling that many of the beliefs that have been negatively dictating your life can be changed with new compelling evidence.

Everyone’s thought patterns are comprised of two categories of beliefs: limiting or enabling. My favorite ways to classify them are as blocking or boosting beliefs.  Limiting beliefs hold us back in life and enabling beliefs move us forward. Limiting beliefs block infinite possibilities, boosting beliefs lead to growth, success and happiness.  Enabling beliefs are not foolish beliefs. It is foolish to believe you could fly; it is boosting to believe you could learn to safely sky dive.


So, if enabling beliefs boost us into success and happiness, why don’t we all just think those? Glad you asked. Blocking beliefs are often built in safety nets to subconsciously keep us from doing anything to risky. Boosting beliefs often lead us to taking risks, which naturally leads to the occasional perceived failure – man’s mental nemesis. Ironically, highly successful people are equipped to use more enabling beliefs to get through perceived failures, recover, learn, and carry on more prepared to make it the next time. One must muster the courage to take risk to make progress- boosting beliefs are catalyst.

Your motivational assignment is to take pen to paper and without over thinking or over analyzing, jot down every blocking belief you have in an area of life you desire change. Get real honest with yourself. Here are a few ways limiting beliefs appear in your internal dialogue.

I cannot _____

I am not _____

I am someone who does not _____

I don’t _____

I don’t have the _____ to _____

People like me don’t _____

I will never be able to _____

I just don’t like _____

I don’t deserve _____

I must not _____

Why do we limit our beliefs? We form beliefs through our direct experiences. We act, something happens, and we draw quick conclusions. Sometimes this is helpful, most of the time it just very limiting. Touching fire once and drawing the conclusion fire is dangerous- helpful.  Trying to give up sodas, cigarettes, or chips just once and then drawing a conclusion you just can’t – limiting. Mentally labeling yourself as a person who does not or cannot do certain things is a great excuse for inaction.

After you do a personal review of limiting beliefs, then spend time converting them first on paper into enabling beliefs. You can also look for other boosting beliefs to adopt. Your internal dialogue should go something like this to help boost you forward.

This might work. So it’s worth giving it a go.

I can get there. I just need to keep going.

I can _____ well if I keep _____

I am able. If I work hard, I can _____

I am determined to _____

I am a person who _____

I am willing to _____

I am capable of _____

I deserve _____

I am worthy of _____

I will _____

To conclude, literally rip up, burn, or run over the list of blocking beliefs. Then, everyday take time to work hard at rewiring your brain for boosting beliefs. Repeat the list of enabling statements each day until they have are committed to memory and effortlessly appear when a blocking belief arises. My promise to you is this is life changing, if you will give it a try. If you learn nothing else from this post understand that beliefs lead to an attitude, which determines your actions, which dictate your results.


If you are ready to begin a new chapter in life, it starts with new thinking. “A belief is not merely an idea that the mind possess. It is an idea that possesses the mind.” Robert Oxton Bolton

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