Blueberry Bliss {Foodie Friday}

May 17, 2013



Did you ever eat anything in your childhood that you still remember?  Do you remember where you were when it happened?

Am I the only weird one here??

This is probably why I’m the new Foodie Friday girl here at MSWB.

I’m about to share my favorite childhood dessert recipe. It’s my go-to recipe when I need something quick and comforting.  The hubs and I are on a clean eating lifestyle change…….and it’s hard when friends invite you over……..and request a dessert…….that isn’t “clean.”

Therefore, they get blueberry bliss.

I tasted this recipe for the first time in my childhood church fellowship hall.  Mrs. Belinda had made it for a funeral. And I ate half of the 13×9 pretty much by myself. Is it terrible of me to not remember who died……..but remember the recipe?

Don’t answer that.

I made my mother write down the recipe on the back of an Annie Armstrong envelope she had in her Bible.

Here ‘ya go:


(1) can of blueberries (really, you can use whatever fruit you want)

(1) block of cream cheese (I normally do fat-free, but the hubby picked this up)

(1) roll of crescent rolls (make sure it’s an 8 count)

 ¼ cup of powdered sugar

3 tbsp. of milk

-Mix the cream cheese and the fruit together. It will look weird like this.


-It’s best to have the cream cheese at room temperature.

-Next, roll out your crescent rolls and place a heaping spoonful of goodness on them. Don’t be afraid to over-stuff! And keep the crescent in the fridge until you need them. They work best when cold.


-Next, roll them up like a boss and place them in a sprayed 13×9 and bake at 375 degrees for 10-12 minutes or until they are brown. Don’t be afraid to leave them longer.


I like to serve these puppies warm! So, I immediately mix the powdered sugar and the milk and drizzle over the blueberry rolls.  They are not the most advanced culinary dessert that you will ever make. However, they are quick, cheap, easy and so good!

You can even eat them for breakfast since fruit is involved!

Happy Foodie Friday,



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Kayla May 19, 2013 at 8:16 pm

This looks so yummy! Thanks for sharing!!

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