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June 15, 2013

This post is sponsored by Minted.

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Okay ladies.  Our blogging community started as a means to gather, grow, and CONNECT Mississippi women bloggers.  The first step to connecting you to other kindred spirit bloggers is to get your blog out there!  Share your posts with us, guest blog for us, and join us on Facebook, Twitter, and of course register your blog with us!

Mississippi Women Bloggers if full of bloggers from all walks of life.  We have grandmothers, mothers, newlyweds, singles, and students.  We have foodies, fashionistas, mommy bloggers, and those who write for inspiration.  Whatever your reason for blogging or the content within, we all have followers new and old.  And more than likely (especially if you have joined us), you are gaining more and more new followers still.

How many times have you referred to blogging in conversation only to have others ask, “You blog?  What is your blog address?  I’d love to check it out!”  If you are anything like me, you take pictures of EVERYTHING, because it’s blogworthy.  Other friends want to see the pictures when they are posted.  “What’s your blog address?  I want to see them!”  How many times have you grabbed a napkin stuffed in the bottom of your purse or an old receipt to jot your blog URL down.  For that matter, how many times have you had to dig for a pen to write it all down.  On the off chance the other person will actually keep said ratty napkin or receipt.  Chances are…they won’t.

The best way to share your blog with others is on a cute, clean, professional business card!  Check these out from Minted

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photo cards

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cute and decorative

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simple and classic


You even have backer options!

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insert your own image or choose from patterns and colors

Lucky for us, we have the opportunity to receive 100 FREE business cards!

Minted is offering ALL Mississippi Women Bloggers the chance to receive these cards for FREE!  No more ratty napkins and old receipts!  No more searching for the long lost pens in the bottom of our purses.  Slip them a super fun business card.

Be remembered!  Increase your blog traffic and share your voice.


I’m working on my cards now.  Head on over to Minted for their Blogger Outreach Program!  Apply for your own blogging business cards!


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