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August 11, 2014

Have any of you gotten any great shots of your hometown this week?  I know it’s the south…and it’s hot.  My husband is from Maine…so he says it’s “wicked hot”.  That’s a phrase they use…and I’m still not used to it, but it’s true…it’s “wicked hot down here in the south”!

Photography Tips of the Week to better your blog appearance with beautifully composed images!

Composition is Key to making your images stellar as we talked last week about Filling the Frame.
This week lets talk about Angles.
Think of changing up your angles verses always looking STRAIGHT on your subject.
Here is an example of a fence.  Simple example but I feel it gets the point across!
Erin Rachel Photography_074
Ask yourself where I can stand to create more interest?  Should I squat down? Should I stand up and look down on the subject?

This will create interest and creativity.

So what did I do in this image? I took it straight on and thought, wait this is just BLAH!  What can I do to create more interest?  Stand right against the fence and look down it.  I got the same scenery yet a much more creative and inviting image!

Blog tip of the Week!

Screen Shot 2014-08-10 at 3.53.26 PMAre you using Blog Stomp?  If you aren’t you are missing out for your images.  Blog Stomp will easily collage your images in just a matter of a few clicks.  You can also watermark your images if you do that!  It’s worth EVERY penny because it makes your images the perfect size for your blog width, easy and quick.  I am all about saving time on blogging!  As much as I love it, we need to maximize our time…are you with me?  So go check it out and grab you a free trial version!


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