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February 5, 2015

February makes me think of love.  Love makes me think of weddings.  Weddings make me think of guest books.  Guest books just make me nervous.  I’m not confident in my handwriting and I always get sweaty palms while just thinking about what I might write….”uh….have a nice life? Have a lot of sex? You guys are going to be great at marriage? Uh…..the wife is always right?” guest books can be an awkward experience.  Truly, they can be good, bad, or forgotten.

They tend to get a bad name in wedding planning because who wants to spend $100 on something you’re never going to look at again and buy a fancy pen that won’t produce ink right away? Friends, family, and the occasional wedding crasher (we had one and she caught the bouquet!) autograph your guest book.  This guestbook is then forever filed away on a shelf of dust-collecting books with high school yearbooks and college textbooks and are to never to be looked at again.

Why?  Why let it sit there?  Let’s put a rest to that.  Here are some unique, fun, and hardly forgotten guest book ideas.

Fingerprint Tree
Mark and I had all of our guests at our rehearsal dinner (all out of town family and friends) place their thumb print on an empty tree.  Each guest got to choose his or her own ink color and then signed their name under their leave-print.

I went to my friend Cheryl’s wedding and her guest book was so creative!  It was a jingo game.  Guests sign a Jingo piece and start stacking away!  I think this is such a good idea because as you have family game nights, you can reminisce on your wedding day and read thoughtful messages.

Puzzle pieces
My friends Kelly and Nathan had a custom puzzle made for their wedding.  Each guest signed the back of a puzzle piece with well wishes as they walked into the wedding venue.  Again, this is such a neat way to keep your guest book.  Years down the road when their kids want to put mommy and daddy’s wedding puzzle together, they will get to treasure those moments with their parents.

Photo booth
My friends Hannah and Will had a photo booth at their wedding as each guest came into their reception.  Pictures were instantly printed out and placed into a scrap book where the guest could sign their loving thoughts.  Though this is still considered a book of sorts, I think a photo album will warrant more looks than your typical name, date, address.

Message board
Mark and I also had a message board at our wedding for those who wanted to write their sentiments instead of just leaving us with their thumb printed identity.  This is an easy way to have art on your walls as a newlywed while seeing messages from those supporting your life decisions.

Journal Bible
Hannah and will also had a brand new journal bible.  Guests were to underline and sign by their favorite verse.  What a neat idea!  For years to come, the family bible will hold special memories.  It can even get passed down from generation to generation!

Did you have a neat guest book at your wedding?

Have you been to a wedding where the guest book was completely original?

Let’s bounce off ideas.  I’d love to hear them.


Britany Warren February 6, 2015 at 4:26 pm

Renee I love following your blogs! I wanted to share my guest books! I had four. I had a traditional one with the addresses and names ect. I also drew an old fifties car with cans dangling from the back with strings going up for the thumbprint idea, which is framed on a wall (since we had 50’s themed wedding), I had a photo with a white thick border around it that everyone wrote their farewells on which is also framed, Then i had a big desk calendar that they signed their names on their birthdays to help us keep track of them i use it monthly! those are just a few! Nice Blog! Happy Blogging
love britany warren aka crazy spice!

Renee Young February 8, 2015 at 2:15 pm


I just love these ideas. How cute is the 50’s themed thumb prints!!! I think the birthday’s is such a cute idea! I am TERRIBLE with remembering birthdays. I mean just the worst!


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