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November 13, 2014

Welcome to week two of the photographer spotlight! Last week, you met Erin, a sweet photographer from south Mississippi. This week, I wanted to introduce y’all to Adam and Alli of Adam + Alli Photography!


1. What part of Mississippi are you from?

Adam – Originally from the Mobile area, transplanted to Canton MS about 15 years ago.
Alli – Sumrall, MS


2. Describe your photography style in three words.  

playful, airy, bright.


3. What’s your advice for someone about to have their picture taken?

Since we mostly shoot couples, we would tell them to focus on spending time with their significant other instead of focusing on the actual camera. While we give direction on posing and what to do, it’s really just to help make the subjects feel comfortable. We are really looking for the moment when the couple relaxes and interacts naturally with each other.


4. What’s your favorite non-photography past time?

Adam – anything that involves the act of creating.
Alli – fishing and shooting guns at the range


5. What’s your favorite thing about Mississippi?

Well it is obviously not the humidity that I love about Mississippi, but I do love the southern charm.  I love that people genuinely care about the lives of others.


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