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December 5, 2013

Christmas time in Mississippi always conjures images of big family gatherings full of grandparents, great aunts, and second cousins twice removed. I do have that tradition with my own family. However, my husband and I have a tradition of our own. We have an annual tacky sweater party complete with all of our friends. This is our way of celebrating Christmas before we start a family, and insures holiday time with our friends during this busy time.

Four years ago, my husband and I bought our first home. We closed the night before Thanksgiving. It was so exciting to begin the holiday season with our own home to entertain. Through the joy of the season, that was where are tacky sweater party was born.

If you are new to the tacky sweater party, you can throw one on the cheap with items borrowed or found at the thrift store. Here are some necessities for a great tacky Christmas party:

  1. A good tacky outfit. There are loads of tacky sweaters that can be yours with just a trip to the thrift store. (I would avoid waiting till December to find your sweater when the tackiest sweaters may have been picked over.) You can even make your own with some fabric paint and yarn. Pinterest is filled with some other creative ideas including a dress made of Christmas bows.100_2533
  2. Decorations from Christmas past. Some kitschy accessories can go a long way in setting the mood for the night. Would you like a cheesy table scape or photo booth? Use your imagination, the more random the better.100_2016photo 3
  3. Characteristic cups. This year, we are finding a set of random Christmas cups and mugs for our guests to use. They are more environmentally friendly than the Red Solo classics. Guests can take their cup home at the end of the night.
    photo 2
  4. Cheesy trophies. There has to be prize for tackiest costume at the party. Find something really funny for the prize. It can be a funny Rudolph statue, a raggedy snowman, or anything else that fits the theme.
    photo 1
  5. Great classic food. Any Mississippi party should have great food. We cook a hardy chili or gumbo. You can also throw in some casseroles or deviled eggs to fit the holiday spirit. Do not forget to include a sweet dessert!

The tacky sweater party is only limited by your own imagination. Best of luck, and happy holidays!


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